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Monday, June 28, 2010

Here is a fun stitching pattern that I found in a local publication called The Country Register. It's a free Quilter's publication. It advertises lots and lots of fun Quilt shops in my local area.
If you go to the provided Country Register link at the bottom you will find some of the past issues. There you will find more wonderful fun stitcheries.
This pattern was created by The Noble Wife.
This pattern is for personal use only!

This cute little pattern was in The Country Register. A local quilting news paper ;)
This sweet little design is by Kathy Graham.
This pattern is for personal use only!

Link to Ks Country Register, the June July 2010 issue.
Or Just the link for other good stuff.
For your local area.. just put Country Register and your state in the search bar. You should not have any problems finding the news letter made for your local area.