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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rag Rug Tutorial

This craft is extremely economical as the main material used is recycled clothing and bedding. Most fabric is suitable, the thicker the better, but keep to the same weight fabric in each rug,
eg. all shirts/bedding or all t shirts.
The only other material needed
is a piece of hessian for the back cloth
A rag rugger tool is available from Makings Handicrafts
Take a selection of old clothes
cut off the buttons and keep for further crafts
cut off all the seams and hems to leave flat pieces of fabric.
Smooth out the fabric and fold
then cut into strips about 1 inch /2.5cm wide
Next use the handy cutting gauge,
which is a 17.5cm long hardwood dowel
with a deep groove along 1 side
Wrap a long strip of cloth around it like a bandage

and cut through the groove with sharp scissors

This will reduce it to the lengths required for making the rug

Push the rugger under 2 or 3 strands of hessian as far as it will go

Place 1 end of a rag strip in the rugger jaw
Pull the rugger back until half the rag strip
has passed through the hessian and release.
There is no need to knot the rag
the next strip should be threaded into the hessian
about 4 or 5 strands away in each direction

Make a hem around the edge of the hessian
about 2 inches/5cm wide
using rag strips to hold it in place
Cover the whole of the hessian with strips.

The method of rugging is very flexible,
there is no need to work in straight rows

When the rug is complete give it a good shake
to remove bits and produce an even appearance
DO NOT VACUUM the rug!
Occasionally take out doors and shake to remove dust!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lillie Mae's Crafts August Newsletter

Good Morning everyone,

I finally finished the August newsletter and am posting it here for every one's convenience. If you have subscribed to it, you will also receive a copy in your e-mail.

This newsletter has a few surprises in it I think...ever heard of wax dipped toilet paper?

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