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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tear Drop Annie Doll

My sweet friend Brenda who is the master mind behind starting the original Pins and Needles site on Ning.... has so kindly let me post this Annie Tutorial for your fun.
Please do not sell these commercially or use them or the pattern as your own for resale.
Brenda is a very generous creative artist that has giving us all permission to have her patterns free off of her fun and creative web sites. If you want more of her amazing Annie Patterns run over to: LillieMaesBlogspot.


  1. Ms Brenda ~
    Thanks so much for sharing another one of your too cute Annie patterns with us!!
    You are soooo sweet!:)

  2. Brenda, what fun! Thank you so much for your generosity! I can't wait to try this little cutie pie! Hugs and Blessings~Sharon

  3. Cute, this lovely little puppet!
    I like it very much.